Gillian Charlton
Gillian Charlton is a seventh grader at Cherokee Middle School, and she is on team Endeavor. She is twelve years old, but she has only lived in Springfield, MO for one year. Whenever Gillian can go swimming, she takes that opportunity and, well, goes swimming! She absolutely loves swimming whenever its warm. Gillian owns three cats and one dog, their names are Basil (Male), Clove (Female), Moxie (Female). The dog's name is Luna, Luna's a mini Australian Shepherd. She personally loves writing and it ties in perfectly with her other favorite subject, science. Something cool is that whenever Gillian wants to remember something, she almost writes what it was like in her head, along with taking a mental picture of it to remember. Gillian also enjoys drawing, but she'd rather write stories than draw something. She has zero siblings, and she's half-sad and half-happy about that.

Gillian Charlton, Staff Writer

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Gillian Charlton