Lily Swearengin
Lily Ann Swearengin was born in a small town named Lebanon, Missouri. Her mother and fathers are Darrell and Kimberly Swearengin. She has 4 siblings. Their names are Cameron, Darrell, and Mia. She also has one step sister named Elaya. She has three dogs: Goldie, Ginger, and BG. She also likes this show called Riverdale .

Lily went to Lebanon school until the 3rd month of her sixth grade year.  Then Lily went to Pipkin middle school, but she did not like it there. After she went left Pipkin she started to attend Cherokee Middle School. She did not like Springfield very much at first but know she likes it. She lives with her mother and step-father, William.

Her father lives in the small town of Laquey and some of her favorite animals are dogs, horses, and monkeys. Her favorite thing to do is to swim. She wants to be a surgeon when she grows up and have a Fennec fox.

Lily wants to get a job and get her dream truck.  When she grows up she either wants to be a surgeon or a firewoman. She wants dogs and a couple of horses. Her favorite song is Forever and ever by Randy Travis. Her favorite type of soda is Dr. Pepper.

Lily Swearengin, Staff Writer

Oct 18, 2018
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