Kambria Braithwaite
Kambria Braithwaite is in eighth grade this year at Cherokee Middle School. She likes reading sci-fi, Marvel movies and most importantly -- food. She has possibly the longest full name you have ever seen (and never hope to have to write) with a total of 21 letters. She's pretty strange but half decent at writing. She's involved in Cherokee Youth Alive and goes to Evangel Temple. She has three siblings, all of whom are decently average (ish) and is a middle child. If you ever see her out in public I recommend an immediate retreat to avoid any yelling of your name across whatever open area you are currently standing in. If you want to get her attention, her friends would recommend the terms BWCF (Bandwagon Cubs fan), Blueberry, or Short-kid-over-there. Sentences using the words,"French horn players are the worst","Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. stinks" etc... will also get her attention but will target her outrage towards you as well (so I wouldn't suggest such methods). Of course, you can always use her given name but it's pretty long which is the exact reason why I refrained from typing it here. Other than that, she just your average person-------------(ish).

Kambria Braithwaite, Leadership Team

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