2017-2018 Staff

Madison Arthur

Section Editor

Madison is a seventh-grade Raven at Cherokee Middle School. Her favorite things to do are reading, writing, photography, traveling, hanging out with her family and friends, and spending time with her youth group at her church....

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Gabby Burgess

Staff Writer

Gabby is a 12-year-old girl born in Springfield, MO. She has a family of five, two little brothers (Ukiah and Jaden), and her mom and dad (Michael, and Cindy). She also owns three dogs: Holly, Charlie, and Lola. She plays in her...

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Kylie Burks

Section Editor

Kylie Burks is a 7th grader on the Panthers team. She has a big family, with four siblings. Kylie has a twin sister who also attends Cherokee. Kylie loves to read fiction and has too many favorite book series to list here. A cou...

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Gillian Charlton

Staff Writer

Gillian Charlton is a seventh grader at Cherokee Middle School, and she is on team Endeavor. She is twelve years old, but she has only lived in Springfield, MO for one year. Whenever Gillian can go swimming, she takes that opportunity...

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Anna Conboy

Leadership Team

Anneliese Conboy is an eighth grader at Cherokee Middle School. She loves Star Wars, Spongebob, and the performing arts. She has a family of five siblings, four dogs, two cats, three fish, and two ferrets. She loves music and...

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Catelyn Conover

Staff Writer

Catelyn Conover is 11 years old and in the 6th grade at Cherokee Middle School. She has one loving dog named Cupcake. Catelyn plays basketball, loves to read, write, play video games, and play board games -- or any type of game....

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Braden Conboy

Staff Writer

Braden Conboy is an 8th grader at Cherokee Middle School. He previously went to Mercy Health Sciences Academy for the first quarter of this year but decided to transfer back to Cherokee. Last year as a 7th grader he was the Publications...

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Keeley Curtis

Staff Writer

Keeley Curtis is a 7th grader at Cherokee Middle School on team Panthers. Keeley likes to wear knee-high socks and nerd t-shirts and will wear jeans if she is able to. Keeley loves to read and write. She doesn't like 'basic' things...

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Kaitlyn Hull

Leadership Team

Kaitlyn is in her second year of the Newspaper and on the leadership team. She enjoys reading books, such as sci-fi and fantasy. Kaitlyn also loves to draw, she's not the best of artists but can't seem to stop drawing. Some...

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Hailey Kahler

Staff Writer

Hailey is in 7th grade. She plays violin in the orchestra here at Cherokee. She has always loved to read and write. Her favorite subject is either English or Social Studies. She only has 1 sibling, an older sister named Gillian...

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Liz Kilgo

Staff Writer

Liz Kilgo is an 8th grader this year and it is her second year on the Smoke Signal staff. One of Liz's favorite activities is cheering. She is on the CMS Cheer Team and loves to watch all the football games, as well as help lea...

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Katy LaPoint

Section Editor

Katy LaPoint is a talented girl who loves writing and special effects. She loves hanging out with her friends and writing on Wattpad. Katy is quiet but quirky and has a big personality. Katy has been writing and reading since...

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Makel Leonardo

Staff Writer

Makel Leonardo is a seventh grader at Cherokee. He enjoys animation, music, video games, and soccer. He's almost perfectly in between an inside and outside person. He hikes, rock climbs, and camps. When he's not doing any outdoor...

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McKenzie Lowry

Staff Writer/ Photographer

McKenzie Lowry is a 7th grader at Cherokee Middle school. She loves painting, watching Netflix, hanging out with her friends, and shopping. McKenzie is learning how to play the guitar and loves listening to music. In her free...

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Emma Mayne

Leadership Team

Emma Kylie Mayne is a 7th grader on the Ravens team at Cherokee Middle School. Emma is apart of the Smoke Signal Leadership Team. She has been on Student Council the past three years and loves to read, write, and draw. She has ...

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Audra Orr

Staff Writer

Audra Orr is a 6th grader at Cherokee Middle School. In her spare time she likes to listen to music, write on the computer, and playing video games. Her friends are Lynae and Kasedy. Her favorite day of the week is Thursday...

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Ty Reynolds

Staff Writer

Ty likes sloths, video games, and soccer.  He also enjoys Injustice 2 and For Honor. Ty has two cats, a brother, a mom, and dad.  He enjoys watching Gotham, and also likes to watch movies and YouTube.  Ty likes to fly his dron...

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Lynae Robbins

Staff Writer

Lynae Robbins is eleven years-old, and is a sixth-grader at Cherokee. She has been dancing for six years. She dances four nights a week. Her favorite type of dance is modern. Whenever she is not dancing, she is reading, writing,...

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Joel Sharpsteen

Leadership Team

Joel Sharpsteen is a sixth grader this year at Cherokee. He is ten years old and his favorite subjects are math, English, and science. He plays the bassoon in band and is looking forward to the songs he will learn! Joel has been...

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Jonas Shultz

Staff Writer

Jonas Shultz Is An 8th grader at Cherokee Middle School. He skis, bikes, and plays guitar, football and baseball. In football he is quarterback or wide receiver on offense, and for defense he's a safety. In baseball he plays ...

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Liza Skinner

Staff Writer

Eliza Skinner (who goes by Liza), is currently an 8th grader at Cherokee Middle School. She is loud and loves to talk, and the most important things to her are friends and family. She is a wild child who loves to dance, and a...

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Audrey White

Section Editor

Audrey White is an 8th grader at Cherokee Middle School. She is 13, loves to read, play soccer, and is a 1st violin in  orchestra. She has one brother and one dog and loves animals. She is like to shoot a bow and arrow and likes...

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