2018-2019 Staff

Gabby Burgess

Staff Writer/Leadership Team

Gabby is a 13 year-old girl in the 8th grade and a proud Cherokee Indian. She lives with her mom, dad, and is the oldest of 3 children; her younger brothers are Ukiah and Jaden. At Cherokee she is in the school's newspaper, on...

Brooke Chaffin

Staff Writer/Leadership Team

Brooke is a 6th grader at Cherokee Middle School on the Trailblazer team. She was born in Springfield, MO on December 13. She has 3 siblings. Her favorite food is steak and she loves chocolate! Brooke loves to read sports book...

Helaina Parker

Staff Writer/Leadership Team/Section Editor

Helaina Parker is eleven years old and a sixth grader at Cherokee Middle School. She spent the last 5 years at Disney Elementary where she was involved in Disney Dynamics, STEAM Club, and the student newspaper, which is called the ...

Caroline Rodgers

Staff Writer/Leadership Team

Caroline Rodgers is a 6th grader at Cherokee Middle School. She loves reading and writing. Caroline also likes riding her horse. She has a dog, a hamster, and a horse. She lives in a family of five. Caroline loves to draw, even...

Madison Arthur

Staff Writer/Photographer/Section Editor

Madison Arthur is an eighth-grader on Wa-Ya team this year. She loves to read, write, take pictures, travel, spend time with her family, friends, and youth group at church. Some of her favorite things include Star Wars, the c...

Kylie Burks

Staff Writer/Section Editor

Kylie Burks is an eighth-grader on the team Arrowhead. She has a big family with four siblings. Kylie has a twin sister who also attends Cherokee. Kylie attends church at Second Baptist and loves going to youth there. Her favor...

Lily Hill

Staff Writer/Photographer

Lily is a softball player on a major travel team. She went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for nationals over the summer.  She is a catcher, outfielder and soon to be infielder. Lily was born on November 14, 2005 in Springfield, Missouri...

Delaney Sisney

Staff Writer/Photographer

Delaney is a 6th grader at Cherokee Middle School. She enjoys being outside, whether she is hiking or kayaking. Delaney loves photography and writing. She is on a competitive swim team, and she also plays competitive volleyball....

Catelyn Conover

Staff Writer

Catelyn is a 7th grader at Cherokee Middle School. She attended Cherokee for 6th grade as well. Catelyn is a 12-year-old girl with a love for Dachshunds. She loves to draw. Catelyn plays basketball. She currently has one loving...

Keeley Curtis

Staff Writer

Keeley Curtis is an 8th-grade student in Cherokee Middle School. She enjoys listening to 5sos, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, and Bea Miller. She loves reading as many fantasy/sci-fi/magical books as there is. She is also in love with...

Reagan Maggard

Staff Writer

Reagan is a 7th-grade student at Cherokee Middle School. She loves writing, singing songs, and making smiles. She is always trying her best to make others happy. She will try to do her best writing in Smoke Signal.

Lynae Robbins

Staff Writer

Lynae Robbins is twelve years old and is a seventh-grader at Cherokee. She has been dancing for seven years and she dances competitively for Studio VIE. Her favorite type of dance is modern. Whenever she is not dancing, she is...

Anna Rodgers

Staff Writer

Anna Rodgers is a 6th grader at CMS. She loves dogs and a lot of other animals and her favorite show is I AM FRANKIE. She has a twin, an older sister, a mom, a dad, and a dog, and her sisters have hamsters and horses. Her favorite...

Lily Swearengin

Staff Writer

Lily Ann Swearengin was born in a small town named Lebanon, Missouri. Her mother and fathers are Darrell and Kimberly Swearengin. She has 4 siblings. Their names are Cameron, Darrell, and Mia. She also has one step sister named ...

Sarah Jane Trotman

Staff Writer

Sarah Jane Trotman is a 6th grader at Cherokee Middle School. She is in the newspaper and Student Council. She plays percussion in band and she also plays the piano. Her favorite subject is writing and she loves to read. The clas...

Kaydence Zehner

Staff Writer

Kaydence Zehner is a 7th Grader on the Ravens team. She has 2 dogs and 2 horses that she loves very much. She also has one sibling named Kaylee who is a type 1 diabetic. Her mom and dad are Kate Ross and Steven Zehner, and she...