How Has COVID Affected Businesses?

In mid-March, the country went through a shutdown. Schools and non-essential businesses were forced to close. Only recently has the country began opening back up. Many small businesses have definitely taken a hit from the pandemic. It may take months or even years for them to rebuild.  Some other businesses and large corporations have made extra money due to the pandemic. 

Most small businesses were forced to close in March. Within the last few months, they have started to reopen with new restrictions. As of today, Springfield has a mask mandate that requires that people over the age of 2 wear a facial covering when in a public place. This mandate was put into place on July 16. In addition to the mandate, businesses have increased cleaning, reduced capacity, made space for social distancing, and done more delivery and curbside pickups.  Many stores have also switched to online shopping, limiting the number of people in the stores. With Black Friday breaking records this year, small businesses should be doing better. However, this may not be the case. The globe is slowly switching to more online shopping. Giant corporations are thriving from a mix of Black Friday rush and online sales. Black Friday sales increased by 21.6% this year from 2019 (according to Adobe Analytics data).

Giant corporations have seen spikes in online and in-person sales. Places like Walmart and Target are doing very well right now, as they were allowed to stay open through the pandemic. And now, with even more Christmas shopping on the way, corporations are preparing for a flood of online sales. These retailers were allowed to stay open during the lock down because they were essential businesses. As small businesses are reopening, many people are just sticking to the national chains to do their Christmas shopping.