How Has Covid Affected Teachers

As we all know this year has been hard for all of us. Especially teachers. They have had to switch up their whole teaching ways. I have heard from several teachers this year that they miss seeing their student’s faces. It is very difficult communicating now with masks for teachers and students. Teachers also really miss being able to do group activities. There are so many things that students and teachers can not do anymore because of this pandemic.

I interviewed Dr. Christopher and asked him what he misses most about a normal school year. He said that he misses seeing and interacting with all of his students. Dr. Christopher had 2 long-term subbing positions last year and he really misses getting to interact and teach those students on a daily basis.

All of the teachers and students hope that things can get back to normal next year. Things have been tough for everyone lately so remember no matter what always be kind to your teachers.