Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Georgiades

Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Georgiades

  In the 8th grade hallway, there is a room filled with magic and music coming from a group of violins, violas, cellos, and double basses, led by Mrs. Georgiades. Mrs. Georgiades is the conductor of the orchestra of Cherokee Middle School as well as Disney Elementary and Wilson’s Creek Intermediate. That’s what most of us know about her. However, who is she? When did she want to be a teacher? Where did she start playing the violin? I was recently able to speak to Mrs. Georgiades and get some of these questions answered.

  According to Mrs. Georgiades, she had always wanted to be a teacher. When she was little, she would assemble her younger siblings and have a little classroom. She wanted to be a teacher even before she became a violinist. Speaking of which, when she was eight, her parents got her a violin. She started playing violin for her local church from the ages of 8 to 10 and when she was there, she got a lot of encouragement and support from the adults of the church. Their encouragement was the main source of her motivation. Over the years, she kept practicing and getting better and better and playing on bigger and bigger stages until she got a violin scholarship to college at Evangel University.  After college, she knew she would be a teacher, but she was hesitant about being an orchestra teacher because she was very shy. So she started teaching private lessons until she decided to teach at her local school.

  Nowadays, she is the conductor for the Cherokee orchestra, she enjoys being able to share her love of music with others and she is happy that she can fulfill her dream of teaching. Away from the room, she enjoys board games and offroading at Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch. We are so fortunate to have a teacher like Mrs. Georgiades. Her hard work and dedication to helping kids in her orchestra to understand the value of music and get better at playing music is amazing and should be appreciated.