Mental Illness Awareness

Mental illness is very common in people. Most of the time it is passed down from an ancestor that has also had a mental illness. Some people joke about it even though it is life-threatening for some people. There are many different types of mental illnesses. Such as, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), and schizophrenia.

Depression and anxiety are disorders that affect how you act. Anxiety makes you feel anxious and scared. It can make you act jumpy and avoid something that you are mainly afraid of. Depression makes you act sad or can cause you to drift away from your friends. It also makes you feel lonely and very tired. Both of them are very serious if you have a panic attack you need to treat it as soon as it happens.

Eating disorders are very serious it makes you eat more or less than what you need. It changes what you think about food and what you eat. PTSD is where you had something traumatic happen in your past and are haunted by flashbacks to that event or fear anything reminding you of that event. For example, if you got in a car wreck in the past then you may be afraid of going in the car from then on. Schizophrenia is where you think that people are trying to hurt or you may hear voices that aren’t there. It is when you have a serious brain illness.

Many people have these disorders and it makes it hard for them to cope with the struggles of life. It may be hard for them to keep a job or even keep friends. There are many other disorders but these are the most common ones. Mental disorders are very serious and sometimes cause death. It is not something to joke about but something to help others with.