Christmas Activities During COVID


  As Christmas approaches, a lot of families will not be getting together for Christmas due to Covid-19. A lot of families are also getting creative with the idea of new things to do on Christmas. I bet you’re sitting at home this Christmas break and thinking “What can I do this Christmas with my family that doesn’t involve being around lots of people?” Well, I have got some news for you. There are tons of things you can do!

  There are lots of crafts that you can do for the holiday season. Just get on the internet and find a craft to do with your family. You can also bake treats with your family and deliver them to your neighbors at a safe distance with your masks on. You can play board games as well. My favorite thing to do is to make gingerbread houses with my family. Another thing that I love is turning on a Christmas movie and doing a puzzle with the family.

  I realized that some of you might not be getting together with your family, and that’s okay. I have an idea for you. You can make a family Zoom. I know it seems like a time-consuming idea, but it works. And if you are worried about presents, no need to worry. You and your family members can drop presents off at loved ones’ doorsteps!

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