Middle School Struggles in 2020


  This year has been one like no other. We’ve had fires, celebrity deaths, riots, a worldwide pandemic, murder hornets, and to top it all off, one of the most interesting election years that we’ve had in a long time. The year has been filled with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and all sorts of things. As middle schoolers, we are in a difficult position. We’re old enough to know and understand what’s going on in our world, but too young for people to really respect what we have to say about it. The middle school has always been full of difficulties, but when you add a pandemic, things become much worse. As I middle schooler myself, I like to observe different people during this pandemic. Some people are making sure that they stay close with their friends in this difficult time whether it’s because they need moral support or socialization. But others are taking the more, introverted approach. Some families are more strict than others on how much their kids can go out, or where they can go. This is more difficult than others if you are more of an extroverted person especially if you are needed to be quarantined. 

  Some people have enjoyed coming back together for 4 days, but others wish either that things stayed the way they were with hybrid learning, or that we went back to the normal 5 days. Either way, most middle schoolers aren’t very happy, and we need to learn how to deal with it. 

  One way to deal with this year is by talking to a counselor/therapist. This unfortunately is an alternative not all families can afford if you are looking for someone outside of school. If your family can afford it and will let you speak to someone this is a great way just to not bottle everything up. Their whole job is to listen to you, not to judge you, and not tell anyone anything that you don’t want to be told. If your family cannot afford someone to go see, talking to a school counselor is just as good. They are still secret with the things you tell them but some school counselors just take different approaches with their students, but those are great options if you just need someone to rant to or need some serious help. 

  Another way to deal with these things is to change up your routine and do some self-reflection/health day. I know for me, it feels like I’m doing the same things every single day, going through the motions almost. What I like to do when that starts happening is to do some exercising to get my brain going, or just change how I get ready in the mornings so my day doesn’t seem so dull and the exact same. Doing little things like this may not seem like it could help, but just trying different things can help a lot if we are in pain. This also comes with self-reflecting. During this year we’ve had a lot of time with ourselves whether that’s because of quarantine or just nothing to do after school. We can take that time and instead of being on social media, or watching tv, we can take a moment to evaluate ourselves. You can do this by asking yourself questions like: How healthy am I eating? Am I eating enough, or too much? Do I feel comfortable in how I look, and if not how can I know my self-worth? Am I doing well in school, and if not, why am I doing bad in school? What goals do I want to achieve before 2021? Simple questions like that can get your brain going and make your day better by just planning how you are going to do things differently. 

  Everyone understands how difficult this year has been for some, so if you need to just take a mental break, or see someone, no one will judge you. I think everyone is better off with someone to talk to when you’re down and if you don’t have that at home there are so many options like church leaders, teachers, counselors/therapists, friends, help-lines, or any adult you trust. This year has been very eventful, so don’t be afraid to tell someone if you are struggling and need some guidance. Remember that you are human, which means you are not perfect and will need help with obstacles that come in your way. Lastly, never forget that you are loved and no one wants anything bad to happen to you!