The Five Minute Obsession With Fall Guys

What Is Fall Guys?

In a server of over fifty people, players take part in a race to the finish as they run, jump, and climb to and from obstacles and stages. A key mechanic of this game is its high gravity and weight settings causing players to trip, fall, and tumble due to being very sensitive to pushes. As players race to the end, their goal becomes to reach the goal before the others by pushing them off or otherwise being faster than their opponents. As the game and the rounds go on, the amount of players that can win becomes smaller and smaller until the final winner is decided. As players win rounds they receive crowns. Crowns can be exchanged for skins in the shop. 


What was it’s downfall?

When Fall Guys was first released in August of 2020, hundreds of thousands of players were in-game and online. The game quickly gained popularity- but this popularity wasn’t going to last long. 

In August, the average player count rested at 124,479.4 players per day. This number quickly dropped to 66,899.5 in September, 26,438.5 in October, and an eventual average of 18,502.8 in the last thirty days. The game had its five minutes of fame, but it eventually failed. Players became less obsessed with it and eventually left the platform or stopped playing.



As the game declined in popularity fewer people have even paid attention to it. Though thousands of people are still playing, it’s still a massive downgrade given how player counts dropped like flies. My question to my reader however is- what are your thoughts? Do you think that this short-lived public obsession deserved its fame? Did it deserve its downfall? Did you purchase and play the game during its peak?