Hamilton: Movie Spotlight


  You might have heard of the play “Hamilton” on Disney+. The creator of Hamilton is also the actor who plays as Alexander Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin, is also the creator/collaborator of many other songs for Disney movies. Lin also had the idea of the play, when he was reading a book about Hamilton during his vacation. If you are wondering how much Hamilton (the plays) earned it came out to a total of $280 Million dollars. The play was selling tickets until COVID-19 caused it to shut down. The play is about Hamilton’s life including, how he became a hero, how he helped the war, and how he died. You might not know this, but, Alexander Hamilton’s face is on the ten-dollar bill. Another interesting fact about Hamilton is that he and his son were both killed in a duel. The movie/play consists of forty-six songs, in a two-hour time span. My personal favorite song in Hamilton is Non-Stop, the song is about after the war Hamilton became a lawyer with Arron Burr (who eventually killed Hamilton), and about Hamilton becoming better than most lawyers in a shorter amount of time. Find out more by watching Hamilton, on Disney+. And with a year like this, we all need something to watch if you get quarantined, so, I would recommend Hamilton. Also, if you study American history in class then it makes it really fun!

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