Cross Country

If you like to run long distances and grow a great bond with people then Cross country is for you. It’s also great because you can be more involved and participate in different things that are available at Cherokee. Cross country is a great opportunity to grow relationships with your friends and coaches. I talked to one of the 7th graders in cross country, Grace Batt. I asked her what her favorite thing about cross country was and she said “ We get to hang out with friends while we are running”. This is several people’s favorite thing about cross country because they get to spend more time with their friends. This is also a great opportunity to stay active. 

The cross country team starts practicing in August and then they have their first meet in September. This year their first meet was September 5th. Their last meet was the conference meet and they took home first place! They all worked very hard in practice and it sure paid off. The cross country team had a very successful year. The coaches want the best for their athletes and work them hard so that they can succeed. 

If you join the team, expect to make some amazing friendships and have several amazing opportunities. I personally have never been in Cross country, however, I think it would be an amazing opportunity for me and several other students that go to Cherokee.