Hubie Halloween: A Review

I can hands down say that Hubie Halloween is the best Halloween movie I have ever seen. Even though it has some inappropriate elements with a rating of PG-13, this Adam Sandler film is a great mix of comedy and (I guess) horror. It is a great mix of an insane murderer, a super-thermos, a werewolf, around 20 Harley Quin costumes, and, probably the scariest of all, Shaquille O’Neal with a girl’s voice. This movie is great for Adam Sandler fans as well, so don’t say no just because of the horror element.

Made in the memory of the late Cameron Boyce, known best for his role in the Disney Channel show Jessie, Hubie Halloween has a cast full of some great actors. This roster includes Noah Schnapp, none best for his role as Will Byers in Stranger Things, Alexa and Katie’s Paris Belec, and the amazing comedian Kenan Thompson. With this cast and so much more, Hubie Halloween is probably the funniest horror movie I’ve ever seen. During this Halloween season, this movie would be great for anyone looking to get in the spooky mood. And I promise you’ll never see the ending coming.

This movie, like many other comedies, uses the idea of a man acting in a child-like manner to entice the audience. Adam Sandler has done many childish rolls in the past, but this one is pretty insane. Going from being the silly town goof to being the town hero, this movie has an oddly in-depth character arc for a movie meant to just be some Halloween fun. You will not be disappointed with the experience you get from this hilarious Halloween adventure.

In summary, Hubie Halloween is a great movie, it and the 1000 other things on Netflix are definitely worth the nine bucks a month. If you’re still not convinced, then there are so many other things to watch. If you’re a cartoon fan, you may enjoy Simpson’s Treehouse of Terror episodes. Maybe you just want purely scary, or even just a little scary, which in that case I can recommend the thriller Sixth Sense, starring Bruce Willis. No matter what you’re interested in, I’m sure this is some theatrical treat to fill your Halloween needs.