7th & 8th Grade Volleyball


The 7th and 8th-grade volleyball team did great in their season this year! Both Cherokee 7th and 8th-grade volleyball teams showed great sportsmanship and never gave up! The 8th-grade team went undefeated in the district but lost one game to a team outside of the district. They had a great season and got better doing it! The A team went to the Volleyfest Tournament and won! They ended up winning the All-City tournament too! It was a tight game in their championship game in All-City against Pershing but they pulled through. 

The 7th-grade team had a great season as well! They won against all of the district teams and lost to only two outside city school teams. They won All-City and did really great in their first school season ever! We are so proud of both these wonderful teams and can’t wait for next season!