Trick-or-Treating Safety

Trick-or-Treating Safety

  Halloween is just around the corner. Many people are looking forward to the holiday, but some are concerned about staying safe and healthy. With a few safety precautions, Halloween can still be an enjoyable and holiday for everyone. Whether it’s trick-or-treating, a bonfire, or hanging out with friends, there are ways to be safe while celebrating. 

  First, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to wear a face mask. Studies have proven that wearing a correct and consistent facial covering will decrease the risk of you getting sick. Find fun ways to incorporate a mask into your costume. 

  Always opt for being outside if possible. The outdoors are naturally ventilated with air continually circulating throughout the environment. The risk of transmission can be lowered significantly just by going outside. It’s also easier to stay far apart from each other when outdoors. Try to pick houses that offer snacks outdoors and are individually packaged. 

  If you choose to go trick-or-treating, there are a few things to remember. First, incorporate a mask into your costume. They’re not enjoyable, but they’re definitely necessary. Carry hand sanitizer in your bag so you can clean your hands after touching common surfaces. And lastly, try to stay 6 feet away from people as much as possible. 

  Restrictions from COVID should not stop people from celebrating Halloween. There’s still plenty of things to do that are safe and fun. Organize a bonfire with a few friends. Do a backyard scavenger hunt. There are many ways to have fun and be safe during this Halloween. For more detailed guidelines, visit the CDC website.