The Presidential Election

The Presidential Election

  What’s something that happens every four years and is really exciting? No, it’s not as fun and exciting as the Olympics, but it’s still something you cheer for… It’s the Presidential election! Every four years two candidates from two different political parties go head to head in an exciting race that you get to vote for (if you’re 18), and the best part is that you get to decide (kind of, but I’ll get to that later). Today you’ll learn what you need to know about this year’s presidential election. 

  The US is not a direct democracy like other countries. Direct democracies count up everyone’s vote and everyone gets a say. In the US everyone votes but there’s one thing not many people know about. The Electoral College, consisting of 538 members, votes on who should be president, and the first candidate to get 270 Electoral College votes wins the election. Here’s the thing though, the Electoral College is supposed to vote with the people who are in the voting district (each electoral college member has a voting district) but they don’t have to (although they usually do). 

  Now let’s meet the two candidates at a glance. First up is President Donald Trump. President Trump won the 2016 election over Hillary Clinton, he is the Republican nominee for this election. President Trump has a net worth of $3.1 billion, the richest president ever, and had no political background before he was president. The next candidate up is former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic Party. Joe Biden has been a member of the senate since 1973. Joe Biden was also vice president from 2008-2016 under President Barack Obama. 

  Missouri’s governor election is also on the ballot this year. Here’s a look at the candidates. Gov. Mike Parsons is running this year for the first time after taking over from former Governor Eric Greitens after he stepped down from office. Gov. Parson was a former Lieutenant Governor and is running for the Republican Party. Nicole Galloway is the Democratic nominee for the Missouri governor race. She was appointed State Auditor in 2015 and won the position of State Auditor in the 2018 election.    

  Election years are very exciting! The most exciting thing is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, when they make the big announcement. Most of you remember the 2016 election, and that night like every other election night in recent history when they announced on the news who the president was going to be. This year will be different though. With the pandemic going on, many voters are choosing to vote by mail. Since mail-in ballots only have to be mailed by the day of the election, it may be multiple days before enough of the ballots are gather and the results finalized.  Therefore, it may not be possible to declare a winner the night of the election.

  There is one main question to be answered though. Who would you vote for in November?