How COVID-19 Is Affecting Students


Lillian Hurley

Jacob Dobbs

I am asking 3 students about how COVID-19 is affecting them and their school year so far. First is Jacob Dobbs, a 6th grader:

Q: How much has COVID interfered with your school year so far?

A: It interfered a lot because you have to be careful around other people.

Q: How are masks affecting you this school year with your work?

A: It hasn’t really affected me so far, but sometimes it’s hard to concentrate.

Q: Do you think going back to school all week is a good idea?

A: I think work-wise, it’s good to go back all week, but it will probably increase the COVID rate.



Next, I am interviewed Chandler Haustein:

Q: Has COVID affected you much this year?

A: I mean I have to wear a mask, but that does not really affect me, but I think the groups affect me. (Group A and Group B)

Q: What do you think the school could be doing differently this school year?

A: I think the school has been doing a pretty good job considering no one has gotten COVID that I know of.

Q: Do you think there would be a difference if COVID wasn’t a thing?

A: No, not really, I think we would still be learning the same stuff.



Lastly, I will interviewed Madison Pierce:

Q: How do you think going back to school all week will be compared to right now?

A: I think it will be very different.

Q: How has COVID affected you this school year?

A: I don’t think it would be different then going back all week and doing work.

Q: Has a mask affected you with your work so far?

A: No, it would still be the same without a mask.