Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs!


     The new Minecraft update is going to add many new features. Caves and Cliffs is going to be the new major update which includes so many more features like more biomes including lush caves flowing with life, caves filled with stalagmites, caves that could fit a whole mansion! It will also add more blocks and mobs to make Minecraft a lot more interesting.

     One new ore that will make Minecraft more realistic is copper. You will be able to craft many things with copper, including a lightning rod, copper blocks, and armor! But be careful, copper can rust like in real life! A couple of new mobs that will be added are the mountain goat and the warden which will attack you if you make a sound. And, a new block that will add many new red stone contraptions like the sculk sensors which will trace sound and then power your contraption.

     For all the Java players you can use the newest snapshot of 1.17 but for all bedrock players which includes Xbox, Ps4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, will have to wait until mid-2021 which was mentioned at Minecraft Live for the official release.

     With every update comes with new commands, If you like to play around with commands then you should be excited for the new update, I do not know what commands will be added, but that is what makes it fun, creating a little challenge. That is mainly all the new features to 1.17, but let’s hope it releases a lot earlier because I can’t wait that long for Caves and Cliffs!