Among Us: Everything You Need To Know

Among Us: Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past month or two, chances are you’ve heard of the now popular game: Among Us. But… what is this new hit game exactly? What’s the point? And why is it such a big thing suddenly? Don’t fret. All of your questions are about to be answered! 

What is Among Us?

So, what on earth is Among Us? First of all, forget about the earth because the whole game happens to be located in space. The game was created in 2018 by developer team Inner Sloth. The online multiplayer game based on a real-life party game, Mafia, supports servers of four to ten players with one to three impostors. But, what is an impostor?

What is an Impostor?

Anywhere from one to three impostors can be chosen on a server. While crewmates do tasks and help out around the ship, impostors have only one job. To win. Impostors must sabotage and kill all other players on the server without being caught. They have a few limits, like the limits to do tasks without getting caught or looking suspicious. Impostors also have a kill countdown. Usually, an impostor can only kill another crewmate after fifteen seconds from killing another player. Impostors, after killing, have two options, report the body and try to seem innocent or vent. Venting is a key mechanic of the game that’s talked about and mentioned a lot. So what is it? Moving through the air vents on the ship as a way of fleeing and traveling- just don’t get caught entering or exiting.

What is a Crewmate?

As a crewmate, you have three important things to do. Finish tasks, avoid getting killed, and eliminate the impostor. A crewmate’s tasks are measured in three length divisions. Short, Common, and Long. Perfect examples of these tasks are admin card swipe, fixing the wiring, and of course, the medbay scan. It’s not always easy to survive. It always depends on how safe you play and how good the impostor is. You may want to have someone else see you do your tasks and be backup. Living through the game is even more difficult when you introduce the mechanic of finding the impostor. If and when a player finds a body or sees something along those lines, (seeing someone vent), they can initiate a meeting by either calling an emergency meeting or reporting a body. During these meetings, players must speak to one another in the meeting chat to try to figure out who the imposter is. Imposters also talk in these meetings and can initiate the meetings. At the end of the meeting, players either vote for who they think the impostor is or skip the voting process. If someone is voted off, they are eliminated in one of three ways depending on the map. In the Skeld, they are launched off of the ship. In Polus, they are thrown into lava, and in MiraHQ, they are thrown off of the ship and given a death fall back to earth. If the votes are tied or more people skipped, no one is eliminated. The goal of a crewmate is to eliminate the imposter as soon as possible without eliminating other crewmates. 

What Do You Think?

You might understand why this game had become so popular suddenly. It’s become everyone’s new favorite online time-waster. Now that you know the point of this game, would you choose to play this space game? What do you think of this new hit? Feel free to comment below!