Being an Office Assistant


At Cherokee, there are many different ways to get involved. You can participate in sports, join clubs, and do all kinds of stuff, but there is also a way you can get involved and see a little more of the behind the scenes of our school as well. At Cherokee, you have the option to do some assisting around the school. There is an office assistant and a library assistant. Office assistants assist people like the counselors, deliver packages that need to go to teachers, and help do things for the people in the office.

The ladies in the office do an amazing job at what they do. They deal with parents, students, and if we didn’t have them, our school would fall apart. Office assistants give some of the load off of them because, with all of the things they do, they don’t have time to be delivering things all day.

To be an office assistant, you need to have some qualifications. First, you need to be hard working. Lots of times you will have to run too many places at once, and make sure you get the job done that a staff worker has asked of you. Next, you need to be a kind person. This is a definite need to be an office assistant. You are going into teachers’ classrooms, giving them things, and are around really everyone. You need to know that you are there to help, and not to make things worse. Then, you need to be trustworthy. In the office, you hear things that need to stay confidential. Parents come in with things they need to give to students, and you can hear people talking in the back of the office. Of course, you don’t hear anything too bad, but they can’t always wait to talk about something whenever you are out of the office. This comes with being responsible and respectful. The counselor has trusted you by giving you this job for a semester, so you need to make sure you do it well. 

I love being an office assistant. I get to catch up with some of my work when I’m doing jobs, I get to feel more involved in the school, and everyone in the office is so kind and it’s a very lovely place to be! So if your schedule ever asks to check off a box if you want to be an office assistant for the new year, make sure you check it, because it is a great opportunity for you to work on what goes on in the workplace, time management, how to work well with others, and confidentiality.