The Retirement of Mr. K

Some of you may have seen Mr. K in the halls. But chances are if you passed by his classroom and saw his daily jokes, you’d get what type of person he is. Well, the sad news is, next year the hilarious antics of Mr. K won’t be around as he’s retiring. In an interview with Mr. K, we got to know about what he plans to do after retiring, what he’s going to miss and a bit more.

The first question was “What are you going to miss most about Cherokee?” Our received answer was, “The comradery of the staff. Working here for almost twenty years your friendships are here.”

Our next question was, “How long were you teaching?” and turns out, this is his 19th year at Cherokee.

Our final question was, “What do you plan to do with your retirement?” and he said that he wants to work some temporary jobs, play golf and travel.

Now, the questions didn’t stop there. We also got to know what other teachers are going to miss Mr. K.

Some of my favorite answers were, “I’m gonna miss his helpfulness and great conversations about all that’s wrong about the world.” and, “How he never jokes around and is always serious.” (Can you read the sarcasm on the second answer?)

And with that, this article comes to a close. Let’s make Mr. K’s last year here at Cherokee a memorable experience for everyone involved.