Cherokee Archery: Aiming for State


Delaney Sisney

Archery Tournament

Ready…Aim…Fire! Cherokee’s archery season is speeding off to a great start and we are aiming for state! A lot of students enjoy archery because it doesn’t involve a lot of physical exertion, but is a lot of fun and can be a useful skill. Archery is for all grades, 6th grade shoots individually so they can’t go to state as a team but can qualify at All-City. 7th and 8th-grade shoots as a team so even if you don’t score a 270 -which is the qualifying score- the top archers still have a chance to make it to the state competition which is held in Branson.

A lot of our archers love archery, Brynlee Hodson says it is very relaxing and she doesn’t feel pressured into performing well, she can just be herself. Morgan Allison loves how it gives her confidence. And Aliyah Houck likes how she can take her time. I know I love the archery team and it’s always fun to watch my friends perform well at our tournaments and see how they’ve improved over the season.

The tournaments are fairly simple. Each archer shoots 3 flights of 5 arrows at 10 meters and 3 flights of 5 arrows at 15 meters for a total of 30 arrows and a maximum score of 300.

Archery is for everyone and I mean everyone. Matt Stutzman is a world-famous paralympic archer… and he doesn’t even have arms! I know he’s inspired me and others. Cherokee also has its own great archers like Nick Thompson who shot a 285 out of 300 and has qualified for state a, Aliyah Houck, and Delaney Sisney who are some of our top girls. 

Archery is a fun sport that lots of people enjoy. If you weren’t able to do archery this year there’s always next year. You can even do archery through high school. Stay on target and good luck at the rest of your tournaments, archers! GOOOOOOOOOO INDIANS!