Jumanji: The Next Level


  Ever seen a herd of Ostriches attack? Did you know hippos have deadly jaws? Ever wondered what it would be like to see the personality of tiny Danny DeVito coming out of the massive Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?  Ever experienced someone who talks so painfully slow that it just might cost you your life? Jumanji, The Next Level, has all of that and more; definitely worth the watch!


  The gang’s all back, but a little “mixed” up.  The original cast has returned, and this time brought along some funny new additions. As the friends all prepare to meet up for a reunion after being away for the last year, Spencer feels like something is “missing” in his life, and surprise, “Jumanji, Next Level”. Once everyone realizes what Spencer has done, their friendship bond holds true and they agree to enter the game and help him get back home. As Martha, Fridge, and a few other “guests” enter the game, they are faced with a completely new battle. They weren’t scared going back because they had already gone through it once, but that quickly changed as this time there were new characters. Both Spencer’s grandpa, Eddie, and Eddie’s long-lost life-long friend, Milo entered Jumanji with abilities far outside of their comfort zone. While this doesn’t look good for the team, it makes for some pretty funny moments in the movie. Fridge and Martha try to explain that they are not in reality, but the old folks can’t seem to handle it! They work on their strengths throughout the movie and even “switch” things up. Fridge may have even switched genders for a minute! Once everyone gets back their common strengths, they finish their mission.  


  All in all, watching this movie was an amazing experience and was hilarious! It lived up to the hype and I was not disappointed. I would absolutely go to see it again and maybe even own it. While providing comic relief, it also incorporated important life lessons such as not taking friendships for granted, and that even if you have been around for 75 years, you can still learn to fly. So go get yourself some good friends and soar!