Volcanic Eruption in the Philippines


On January 13, 2020, Taal Volcano in the Ring of Fire, erupted in the Philippines. Around 13,000 people were evacuated. The eruption was 45 miles away from the capital, Manila. On a scale of 1 being the lowest strength and 5 being the highest, Taal’s eruption was increased from a Level 1 to a Level 4. Following the eruption, there were several earthquakes. They even said that a tsunami was possible in a freshwater lake surrounding the volcano.

Many citizens did not or could not leave their homes. Many wanted to come back closely after the eruption and save their pigs and cattle. They were advised not to do so because another eruption could occur in the next few hours or days and cover them. Taal was spewing ash and smoke and lava was exploded from its core.

We aren’t sure what’s going on at the moment but we hope everything is going alright.