The Demise of Kevin and Liz


On January 15, 2020, our favorite broadcasters in Springfield were released. There isn’t much known on this topic but we do have some information.

KGBX’s parent company, I Heart Media, had filed for major bankruptcy a couple of years ago. They were reportedly $20 billion in debt at the end of 2019. As more radio innovations have come about, more high tech means of consuming music have grown in today’s world. Investors have pulled out of radio and advertising revenues have suffered. 

I Heart Media has reportedly cut many local talents and radio broadcasters across a multitude of small to medium-sized cities across the nation. Many local broadcasters and DJs have been replaced by nationally syndicated programs. Over time, I Heart Media has acquired many of the largest stations in the Springfield market.  All of these stations have been impacted by these changes.

The city of Springfield and surrounding areas will be majorly impacted by this change, one example being the Ozarks Food Harvest.  It will struggle with the absence of the Hungerthon (the radio fundraiser for Ozarks Food Harvest’s backpack program, which benefits school-aged children in poverty).

Liz Delaney said on Twitter, “Don’t worry I’ll be back.” And we hope that what she said was true. Kevin and Liz will always have a lasting impact and we hope somehow that they will be back sometime soon.