Bird, Bat, and Butterfly Houses

Spring is almost here and the butterflies, bats, and birds are back. They’re looking for a nice home to live and spend some time in.

Birdhouses are wooden boxes that are often designed like real homes and can be really elaborate sometimes. They can also be really simple. You can make them yourself or you can buy some from the store and even paint them. Hummingbird feeders also fall into the category of birdhouses. Hummingbirds, especially during the summer, enjoy drinking fresh nectar from a fun, little flower.

Bat houses are quite a bit different than our typical birdhouse. So the bat can sleep during the day, the inside of the house is dark and closed off. How does it get out then? There is a small slot at the bottom where the bats can get inside. Just like a birdhouse, you can hang it up in a tree.

Butterfly houses are my personal favorite. You could refer to them as butterfly gardens too. Nathaniel Green Park has a butterfly house and during the spring and summer and it’s filled with fruits, nectar, pollen from flowers, and of course, butterflies! Now, it’s rather hard to make one of your own, but you can go ahead and try. You need the right space, flowers, food like oranges, and something to keep the butterflies in and protected from rain if it’s a butterfly house. If it’s a butterfly garden, you should just need a little fence.