Renegade? What is this viral dance and where did it come from? The answer to that question is TikTok. This app has made billions of dollars since it was first created in September of 2016. The app was originally called Musical.ly but it was re-branded and renamed TikTok. 

So, what is this app for? Basically TikTok is a social networking app that lets its users post 15-60 second videos. These videos are like memes but put to music. Kennedy Norman described that app as “It is an app where you can share short videos, similar to Vine.” The app is full of creativity and challenges. There is something for everyone to enjoy. TikTok is all the rush currently for teens all around the world. 

The content that you can find on the app varies from dancing to lip-syncing to comedy videos. I asked Brooke Chaffin, a TikTok user, what her favorite thing was about the app and she said, “It lets you be weird without people judging and it allows you to hear new music.”