Depression During Valentines Day


As February comes, we start to see things like chocolate and flower commercials, Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day movies, and more. For some people, it can be a day when you spend time with loved ones and get things like flowers and chocolates. But for some other people, Valentine’s Day is a day they never want to come around. It is known that on this day, the suicide rate goes much higher. It was made the holiday with the highest suicide rate ever. If you don’t have someone to spend it with, it can get lonely and depressing seeing everyone else with their loved ones and presents. 

Valentine’s Day is all about love. About family, friends, someone your dating, and more. But some people don’t have people to spend this lovely day with. On Valentine’s Day, around 53% percent of women are single, and 47% are single men. When there are that many single people, there’s bound to be some problems. People see how amazing it is to be with someone who loves you and can care for you. They see how much fun it can be with people who can make this day fun for you and you can make the day fun for others as well.

Make sure that people around you aren’t too sad on this day, though. It can be tempting to do something crazy when the whole country is celebrating with loved ones and you’re not. There are a lot of reasons to be happy even if you aren’t with “a special someone”. You still have family and friends and always the next day. So stay positive and have a great Valentine’s Day!