What’s the PTSA? A Student’s Guide

What's the PTSA? A Student's Guide

Love the school dances? Use the microwaves daily? Want to get your ideas plugged in? You can talk to the PTSA. The PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association. 

The PTSA is an organization run mainly by parents of Cherokee students. I attended one of the meetings on January 21st. I got some information about what the PTSA does and who could attend. First, the PTSA is open to parents and students. There are currently no students that regularly attend the meetings. If you join the PTSA, the cost is five dollars.  When you join, the money goes straight back to our school. The benefit of joining is that you get voting rights. That means that when the PTSA is going to vote on something, you get a voice. The PTSA votes on all kinds of things, such as where the school money goes or how the school can be improved. 

There are many things at Cherokee that are funded by the PTSA. The microwaves, school dances, 8th-grade parties, and the student of the month breakfasts, to name a few. The school dances are decorated by the PTSA. They also fund Teacher Appreciation Week. They provide food, coffee, and gifts for the teachers. 

Have an idea to make the school better? You are invited to every single PTSA meeting. All students are welcome. At each meeting, there is time for guest speakers. The PTSA is open to suggestions about the school. They will fund most requests if they are explained well. Visit the Cherokee website for a schedule if you’re interested in attending. Get involved in the PTSA to get your ideas plugged in!