This new strand of the Coronavirus is part of a larger net of viruses. This Coronavirus came from animals but then mutated to affect human bodies. 


The Coronavirus can spread like any regular cold. This most recent outbreak started in Wuhan, China and came from bats. The virus comes from animals and can spread to humans. Many thousands of people have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus and over 500 people have died because of it. Many places in China are shutting down until the virus has been contained. 


Lots of airports are closing down flights to China and from China. Many people have also been trapped in many countries in Asia due to the virus. Many airports are also checking the temperatures of people who went to Asia. Also if there are any symptoms of any sickness they will have to be quarantined and checked out right away. 


 There have been 12 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the United States. 6 in California, 2 in Illinois, and 1 case confirmed in the states of Arizona, Washington, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. There has been 1 confirmed death in the United States. Sadly, the majority of the deaths are in China. Most of the cases are in China. China has isolated itself from the rest of the world but, most cases are in Wuhan, China.


Researchers and scientists are still researching how to have a vaccine for this outbreak. They still don’t know how the virus is spreading from one another. You may think that this virus is very bad and deadly right now but this virus is still not as bad as the flu. About 13 million people have the flu and an estimated 50,000 people have the Conoravirus. Hopefully, this outbreak does not get worse and pray it gets better.