A Daring Mission

A Daring Mission

I stood across the room, hiding behind the big pillar. I couldn’t let him see me. I couldn’t let him know I was here. I glanced over to my partner. I signaled that I was going to run over to where she was. She signaled back that he wasn’t looking. I glanced both ways, then darted to my partner.

I watched him get up. He walked to the trash can, near where I was. I froze, holding my breath. But he didn’t see me. He just threw something away and paused to talk to my enemy. A growl escaped my throat. She was my biggest challenge in this mission. The enemy heard and glanced over. She saw me! A sly smile spread across her face. She wiggled her fingers in a malicious hello. She strutted over to the target, and again, talked to him.

I realized that time was running out. If I wanted this mission to be successful, I would have to act now. I mustered all my courage and walked to go talk to my crush. He spotted me, smiled really big, and waved. I smiled back shyly and gave a small wave.

“Hey!” He exclaimed.

“Hi,” I said, shy.

“So,” he continued, “I was wondering something.”


“Would you maybe consider going to the Valentine’s Day Dance with me?”

Mission Accomplished!