All About The Scholar Bowl Team


BIG BRAIN BOIIIS (and gorls)

Do you love trivia and competing? If your answer is yes, then The Scholar Bowl Team might just be for you. In an interview with Mrs. Wortley, we got to know all about The Scholar Bowl Team.

Our first question was “What exactly is The Scholar Bowl Team?” We received the reply of, “It’s trivia questions on a variety of subject areas where people have to buzz in an answer as quickly as possible.”

Our second question was “When and where do you meet?” Mrs. Wortley said, “We meet Thursdays after school until 3:45 in room 158.” which is Mrs. Wortley’s room.

Our next question was “Have many people are on the team currently?” We got the answer of, “Four, but we can have up to ten. Four people are a team but we can have two teams that can compete.”

Then we asked, “Do you have any meets outside of school?” Ms. Wortley replied, “Yes, we have one more which is on December 10th at Kickapoo at 5 pm.”

Our final question was, “Is there anything you would like to add?” Mrs. Wortley said, “When our season is over, we might start a trivia club so we can continue meeting for fun even though our competitions are over. People should tell me if they are interested.”

So even if the final meeting has passed and you’re moving on to 9th grade next year, you may still have an opportunity to join a trivia club. You can reach out to Mrs. Wortley by visiting her in room 158 in the 6th-grade hallway.