The Little Rock Nine


Do you love learning about history? If so, you should look into the Little Rock Nine, the nine students to attend the formerly all-white Central High School located in Little Rock, Arkansas during September of 1957. Let’s take a look back into history together.

The Little Rock Nine were enrolled in Central High School after the famous Brown v. Board of Education ruling where the supreme court declared that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. However, not all went smoothly. The governor at the time, Orval Faubus, called in the Arkansas National Guard to block any place where the black students could enter the school.

Later that month, the president at the time, Dwight D. Eisenhower, sent federal troops to Arkansas to escort the nine students into the high school which was met with many protests from the white students, parents and even citizens.

While the nine students attended the high school, they were met with many threats, insults and degrading things but they were not allowed to defend themselves in any way or else they would get suspended. One student that did attempt to talk back was Minnijean Brown who was, of course, suspended.

In the end, only three of the nine students graduated, most of them either getting suspended or leaving due to the harassment they faced every day.

There’s a lot more on the Little Rock Nine on different historical information sites and I recommend looking further into it if you’re a fan of black history or just history in general.