All About Twilight (The Book) SPOILERS!


Do you enjoy romance? Action? Fantasy? If you answered yes to any of these, you should try out Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The story is about human Bella Swan, werewolf Jacob Black, and vampire Edward Cullen, and the love triangle between them. It has age-old rivalries and impossible love. Twilight will have you laughing, crying, and on the edge of your seat.

The book is about Bella, who moves to the rainy town of Forks, Washington. She meets and falls in love with a vampire Edward Cullen. After realizing what he is, Bella decides that nothing can change the way she feels about him. Jacob Black, a native who lives on a reservation near Forks, meets Bella and likes her too.

There is a tension between Jacob and Edward through the book. Edward’s family of vampires (Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett and himself) are not welcome by Jacob Black and his people. They each know what the other is. They each know what the other wants, Bella. Edward wins Bella, as Jacob never had a chance with him around.

As Bella and Edward become closer, Edward takes Bella to meet his family. They aren’t all really related, but they have all been turned by one another or are in a relationship with one another. On one particular day, Edward takes Bella to a family baseball game. It was quite incredible, as they all were stronger, faster, and more energized than humans.

Another group of vampires (ones that drank human blood unlike Edward and his family) came along. At first, they thought that Bella was just another vampire, but when the wind changes direction and ruffled Bella’s hair, all that changes. One of them senses her smell immediately and becomes thirsty (for you know what). All the Cullens form a barrier, protecting Bella.

They all thought she was safe until Edward pointed out that the vampire was a tracker. He would stop tracking Bella until he caught her and quenched his thirst. They split up, trying to confuse the tracker and his friends. It works for a while but not long. The tracker ends up tricking Bella into coming to meet him.

He tortures her for a while, before intending to enjoy the kill. Finally, tiring of games, the tracker bites into her hand. Just after, all the vampires burst in to save Bella. They kill the tracker and tend to her. The vampire’s venom is what turns a human into a vampire if they survive being fed on. Edward doesn’t want to ruin Bella’s life, so he sucks the venom out of her.

All was well, that ended well. In the end, Edward tricked Bella into going to prom. He almost turns her himself but decides against it. So now your thinking and they lived happily ever after, yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Is that so? Is this the end of the story? Read New Moon if you want to know (after you read Twilight).