Random Topic: Santa Hats



The Santa hat is one of the most iconic parts of the suit and Santa himself. Yes, I am talking about that one who lives at the north pole and uses elf labor to make toys for children so he can break into their houses at night and give toys to all the children in the world.

First, let’s examine this historically. Santa, in Roman Catholic tradition and in history is called Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas in many pictures appears wearing red, white, and gold which is also bishops attire, so that explains his color scheme. He is supposed to appear as a late 18th-century and early 19th-century grandfather-like personality and appearance. His hat is based on a men’s nightcap from that era.

The fur brim of the hat would be an overlap of the fur lining inside of his cap to keep him warm. The type of fur on his cap is wolverine fur, which is also used on parkas. Wolverine fur is used because ice does not build up on it and it is resistant to snow being caught.

Although we know it is more of an American thing, (Santa changes suits depending upon what culture, climate, and the area he’s in), the hat is still one of the most iconic things of him. I hope I explained a little bit more about this random topic.  Even though it’s rather “useless” information, I hope it entertained you. And hey, maybe you’ll use it sometime!