Alexa McCroskey

Wrestling Meet Cherokee vs Pershing vs Westport

The wrestling season has gone well so far with much more fun and excitement to go! The team is currently 7-1 and is hopefully going to be all-city champs!

Wrestling is a great sport to watch and play for many reasons. For one, it is one of Cherokee’s coed sports, which means girls and boys both compete with and against each other.  Another thing is that it is exciting and fun to watch! Finally, It’s a really fun sport to play even if you win or lose.

Seventh and eighth-grade boys and girls can all join. The practices are right after school and the competitions are in the evening. If you want to join please contact Ms. Creed in the eighth-grade hallway.

Even if you’re in sixth grade and can’t play yet, or just prefer not to play, it is still a really fun sport to watch! The all-city tournament is December 10th.  We hope to see you there. And as always, GO INDIANS!!!