Minecraft Earth Review


You’ve heard of Minecraft, right? The sandbox building game or the hardcore survival game? Do you remember back in 2016 when Pokemon Go, the game where you walked around collecting Pokemon, was all the rage? Well Mojang said, what if Minecraft and Pokemon Go became friends? Boom! Now you have Minecraft Earth — a free mobile game for IOS and Android phones. It is an AR game based on collecting materials to build an epic house. 

You can walk around and get stuff and you can spawn in your house in real life! I think it is so cool I can spawn in a house on my carpet! 

But sadly only certain devices can play, so here is what can play:

Android phones: Android 7 and up and Google Pixels.

Apple/IOS phones: IOS 10 and Up.

Ipads: iPad (5th & 6th Gen, Air 3) iPad Mini (5th Gen) iPad Pro (1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen)

If your device is not listed go to the app store and search up Minecraft Earth to see if it works for you. 

Oh did I mention that it is free!? No microtransactions, 100% free. To play it you must have a Microsoft account which is free to make! There is one part I have not gotten to, which is adventures, but I never can play cause they are all in someone’s backyard and going to prison for trespassing to play Minecraft Earth is a bad way to go to prison.     

So long story short, Minecraft Earth is cool so download it!