Young Authors Club


Here’s Mrs.Hinkle!

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Young Authors Club meeting. I didn’t know what to expect when going in, but what I found was a community of writers just like me, wanting to share their stories. Every Tuesday after school, this small group of students get together.  They write, talk, and snack, while having a good time. I was delighted to find a happy place, where I felt like I belonged.

The Young Author’s Club meets every Tuesday from 2:45 to about 4 or 4:15. Ms. Hinkle, a seventh grade english teacher, runs the club. Students usually write for about an hour. Snacks are sometimes provided too. If students are not writing or eating, they are revising. When writing time is over you can either share what you are writing about, you can share your story, or you can share what dilema you have run into while writing. No matter what you share though, everyone is non-judgemental. Even Ms. Hinkle shares and participates in the meeting share time.

When I went to the meeting, I got to write some of the story that I have been working on. (Chapter 1 is in the newspaper too. It’s called Truth and Dare-Chapter 1.) I enjoyed the quiet time, letting my creative juices flow with other kids who had the same creative juices inside them. Share time rolled around, and I felt at ease when it was my turn to share. I introduced myself and told the group what I was writing about. I felt accepted.

So, young authors at Cherokee, have you tried this club out? If not, you really should. I would highly recommend that you do.