Dr. Christopher

Dr. Christopher is a substitute here at Cherokee and he is so nice and talented. He has two married children and five grandchildren. He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 42 years! His favorite thing about subbing is the students and getting to grow relationships with them.

A little about his likes and dislikes:

His favorite colors are black, blue, and maroon.  His favorite animal is a buffalo. His hobbies are sports and table games and his favorite food is avocados. His pet peeves are people crunching ice and people being late. His favorite veggie is cauliflower and his favorite fruit is watermelon. His favorite subject is math. He describes himself as funny and patient. His favorite place he has traveled is Tokyo, Japan, and his favorite restaurants are Texas Roadhouse and Panera bread.

We are so thankful for him he is one of the best substitutes at Cherokee!