Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

Who likes NFL football? Okay, here is another question who likes the Kansas City Chiefs?

After dislocating his kneecap on ‘Thursday Night Football’, Thursday, October 17th and waiting for about 6 weeks for his knee to get better, the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, finally got to play. On his first night of playing for the Chiefs after his injury, he got a 72%¬† completion rate, 446 YDS, 3 TD, 0 INT, and a 119.3 quarterback rating. After that game, they did not play for a while, but I know they still had their game faces on.

On December 1st they made a huge victory against the Oakland Raiders. Their official score was 9 (the Raiders) to 40 (the Chiefs).  On Sunday, December, 9th they also beat the New England Patriots!

Let’s go Chiefs!




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