The Best Christmas Movies

If you’re like me I love to watch Christmas movies during the holidays! It can be hard to choose, but I’m here to help you with that! This is the Best Christmas Movies Guide.

One of my favorite Christmas movies is one that I think everyone has heard of, Elf! Elf is a hilarious story about a guy named Buddy who lives with elves and thinks he is one, even though he’s not. He goes on a hunt to find his father, but he was in an orphanage before he was taken to Santa’s workshop. When Buddy finds his “dad” he follows him around everywhere and even lives with him! He gets on his “dad’s” last nerves. He makes friends with his “dad’s” real son and even gets a girlfriend.

Another movie is Christmas with the Kranks. Christmas with the Kranks is a comedy about Nora and Luther Krank, they are the most festive couple in their city during Christmas time. They always have so many decorations, buy from anyone who sells Christmas knick-knacks, and always have a HUGE Christmas Eve party. But one year Luther finds a brochure about a cruise, he thinks it’s a great idea since their daughter Blair has just left for college. The only problem is, they would be skipping Christmas. When the Kranks don’t decorate and start acting weird the whole neighborhood starts pressuring them to the max. See how this comedy and craziness unfold!

Another set of movies are Home Alone movies. Home Alone is about a big family that is going on vacation for Christmas. In the hustle of packing, they accidentally leave Kevin, one of their sons! He’s pretty young so he takes being home alone to the next level and starts taking over the house. One night robbers come and won’t leave him alone! He sets traps and it is insane to watch how he pranks them!

Lastly is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The Grinch is a movie about a green creature that is like a man, when he was little he loved Christmas but was made fun of and ever since all he wanted to do is ruin Christmas for the people of Whoville. A little girl named Cindy Lou Who doesn’t understand why he hates Christmas so much. After many attempts, she finally gets him to open up and by the end the whole town loves him! It’s a sweet movie and if you like musicals you should definitely watch this!