Endangered Species That Need Help!


Many endangered species in the world need our help that we don’t recognize. We must recognize these species, including the Amur leopard, the blue whale, the bonobo, the hump head wrasse, the Indus River dolphin, the green sea turtle, the Sumatran elephant.

I could go on forever, but we call these animals endangered but after we name them that, we don’t do anything about it. So, we need to change that. If we don’t change things soon, all of these innocent species are going to start disappearing before our eyes and when we try to help, it’s going to be too late.

So what I’m saying is that we need to step up NOW. There is no time to just keep doing what we are doing. We need to start recycling, stop littering, and stop damaging our Earth. The more we damage our Earth, the more we damage ourselves, the more we damage our wildlife. The world is not being taken care of and that’s why these animals are becoming endangered.

I know that you are used to hearing we need to save our earth and stop pollution, but do we ever turn our heads and listen to it? We all say we want to help, but then never do. Well, you can fix that by simply throwing away your trash in the recycling bin. Doing just that can help more than you know for these poor animals! Let’s change the horrible lifestyle we are creating for the animals and ourselves. Let’s save the endangered species that are dying in our hands!