Mr. Moulder: Staff Spotlight


You may have seen Mr. Moulder in the hallway or in the gym, but haven’t gotten to meet him yet. This is his first year at Cherokee, but he has been teaching for 15 years: 14 years at Nixa Junior High and 1 year at Morrisville High School. He wanted to start teaching because when he was in high school, he had teachers that were good influences on him and he wanted to do the same thing for other students. His goals for the next 5 years are to become a better teacher, father, husband, and build the Cherokee PLTW program up. He loves to see the students grow from the beginning to the end of the school year. He especially loves getting to see their “light bulbs” come on and they finally get something; he says that’s what makes teaching worth it. 


If he retired tomorrow, he would spend the day relaxing, doing whatever his family wanted to do, and go to the beach. After all, his ideal day is spending time with his family doing something active outdoors! Going kayaking, hiking, camping, playing sports, and watching his 3 boys participate in their activities are his favorite things to do in his spare time. He says his 3 boys make him laugh the most in life, they’re always saying something weird or off-topic and it just cracks him up. He might pursue the top 3 things on his bucket list after that! Mr. Moulder wants to hike up a large mountain, travel to Europe, and visit all of the major league baseball stadiums. He must love baseball because, given the chance to have brunch with anyone, dead or alive, he would pick Bob Gibson so he could pick his brain about what it was like to pitch for the Cardinals in his time in the world. He may not become a baseball pitcher, but if he wasn’t a teacher, he would be a radio D.J. because he loves music, entertaining people, and helping them find songs they enjoy.  


Mr. Moulder says if he could be any superhero for a day he would choose The Flash, so he could accomplish more in a given day. Interestingly enough, he also stated his spirit animal would be a possum because he has a sly grin and likes to live life behind the scenes. He’d continue to live life behind the scenes if he won the lottery. He said if he were to win the lottery, he would try to find ways to give the money away because he believes that money won’t buy happiness and he feels it could make him into a person he would not want to be. 


If he were given the opportunity to give his middle school self some advice, Mr. Moulder said he would tell himself to be kind, do your thing without worrying about what anyone else thinks, and focus on making the world a better place. If he could ask any question and be guaranteed the right answer, his question would be, “Where’s Waldo?”


Now that you know a little bit about Mr. Moulder, don’t be afraid to stop and chat with him! Talk to him about his name relating to The X-Files, music trivia, and Cardinals baseball! He loves to chat and is eager to be involved in some Cherokee pride!