Halloween Crafts and Activites

Easy 10 step Halloween craft and activity!


Alexa McCroskey

Ghost ping pong you can make at home!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year because everyone gets to be scared and warm around the campfires, but this Halloween needs a twist with an easy craft and activity! I came up with a ghost pom-pom game! The steps for making this is:

Step 1. Have the materials (white cup, scissors, tape, balloon, pipe cleaners, and a marker), Step 2. cut a hole in the bottom of the cup. Step 3. Blow up a balloon but then let it deflate to where there is only the smallest bit of air in the balloon, then tie the balloon, Step 4. Cut the tip of the balloon, Step 5. Put the balloon on to the bottom of the cup, Step 6. Tape the edges so the balloon does not come off. Step 7. Take a marker and make a ghost face on the front of the cup. Step 8. Fold pipe cleaners and then tape or glue them to the sides of the cup. Step 9. Put your pom-pom into the cup. Step 10. Pull the balloon of the end of the cup then let go and boom your pom-pom will go flying!

So I can take an easy 10 step craft to friends and family when they are bored. You can even get an extra cup and try the land the pom-pom into the cup! I hope you have a blast with this craft!