North Carolina Agency Faces Backlash For Roommate Policy

A North Carolina law enforcement agency has been the topic of controversy for telling their employees that they are not allowed to live with their partners unless they are “officially married according to the law and word of God.”

The notice does not define if the law enforcement agency recognizes same-sex marriage counts as marriage ‘according to the law and word of god.’

In the full notice, the law enforcement office Sheriff says, “It will be prohibited for you to live with another while employed at the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office unless you are officially married by the law and word of God, sisters, brothers or family by blood.” which can be read as ‘No employee is allowed to live with another person that you are not married to or related to by blood.’

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent the law enforcement officer a letter warning them that their new policy was unconstitutional because the policy was alluding to punish those who believe differently.

The law enforcement office retracted the statement saying that it’s not an official policy. The Sheriff responsible for the notice said he realizes using the phrase ‘officially married by the law and word of God’ might be unfair regardless of his beliefs. He also said that the policy went no further than a text.

Since the incident, he has had a meeting with employees to clear the air and let them know the policy would go no further and that everything would return to normal.