Lion King: Movie Review


  “Oh, I just can’t wait to be king!” The new live-action Lion King stayed true to origins while revitalizing this all-time favorite. From more realistic animal characteristics to the African plain graphics, it is still an audience pleaser! This new retake on an original classic is sure to make you want to sing along to all of the traditional songs and grab your attention to the very end!


  While the original Lion King, a cartoon movie, was amazing and unique in its own way, the live-action version has some flair of its own. Released in 1994, the original Lion King movie had a fully cartoon structure with animated musical numbers out of the realm of possibilities for live animals. The 2019 Lion King didn’t include some of the classic scenes such as Zazu (the bird) singing a funny tune and Rafiki (the monkey) dancing, but they made up for it by making such a visibly gorgeous movie. Even though they left out my favorite scene, which is the luau with Timon and Pumba, live-action Lion King is worth the watch!


  I absolutely loved this movie. It had creative images and the script was very well thought out. It made the movie make more sense. I still prefer the cartoon over the live-action because it contains my favorite scene, but the new one is definitely worth seeing! Which do you prefer?