The Outcasts


Have you ever pretended to be a pirate as a kid? Hal, a young teen, and a genius inventor grew up in a community of ruffian sea raiders. But… he’s different, he’s not like the other boys his age who dream of leading their Brotherband. Since his father was killed during a sea raid and his mother is a former Arulen slave, he’s not considered a true Skandian. Hal’s an Outcast.

At the age of 16, Skandian boys begin brotherband training. Each boy is placed in a team that acts like a ship’s crew, learning, training, and competing together. The three brotherbands are the Sharks, led by Tursgud, Hal’s nemesis; the Wolves, led by a popular but considerate boy named Rolland; and the Herons, a joke of a brotherband full of outcasts.

Hal is elected as the skirl or leader of the Herons, who struggle through a series of grueling assessments against the other teams. With a little help from Thorn, a one-armed seawolf of a man and Hal’s close friend. The winner of these assessments has the great honor of guarding their people’s most prized possession: the Andomal, a mysterious orb of amber that contains the gnarled claw of a giant reptilian beast. 

Meanwhile a crew of real pirates, ruthless men who have no qualms about killing to get what they want, are headed to Hal’s hometown of Hallasholm to steal the Andomal. One of these three Brotherbands will face these terrible pirates, but the question is, can a bunch of 16-year-old boys hold off an entire crew of pirates and live to tell the tale?

Written by John Flanagan, The Outcasts is a fun, fast-paced, hilarious read perfect for anyone looking for a little action and adventure.