The What and Why of Advisory


Christopher Lister

For those students who are returning for their second or third year, depending on the person at Cherokee, you may have noticed something slightly off and may have been confused about where Character ED went and why all of a sudden a new thing called ‘Advisory’ was set in place. Well, in an interview with Mr. Illig, he explained why.

The first question was, “What exactly is Advisory?” He said it’s an opportunity for teachers and students to build a positive relationship over their whole time here at Cherokee.

The second question was, “Did Advisory replace Character ED, if so, why?” He replied that Advisory did not replace character ED and in fact will incorporate some of it in Advisory.

The next question was, “Why do we have advisory during the first Thursday of every month and not the first Wednesday of every month in the mornings?” The answer was that the school wanted to cut down on the number of bell schedules. We used to have twelve different bell schedules but have since been cut down to three.

Another question was, “Why do we have advisory during our tribe time and do you think that’s beneficial since it’s replacing work time with advisory?” The answer received was that he thinks the value of positive relationships is very important and academic grades may increase due to the positive relationships.

Our final question was, “Do you think the students enjoy Advisory?” And our received answer was that he thinks the students are still getting used to having Advisory around and that they will grow to like it as they get to interact with kids in different grade levels and get the opportunity to build an Advisory family.

And there you have it, the story behind Advisory and what Advisory is.