CMS Girls Basketball Season

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7th Grade-The CMS girls basketball season is underway, with Cherokee’s own, Coach Plank leading their tribe! Coach Plank runs a Man-to-Man defense. Coach Plank’s coaching philosophy is, “to develop young ladies that are going to be successful in whatever they do.” Coach Plank has some amazing, talented, & very coachable young girls on her team this year. She has a great feeling about the rest of this year’s 7th grade girl’s basketball season.

8th Grade- Coach Chillers is coaching the 8th grade girls basketball team. Both, Alison Barker and Ali Bartels, the two guards on the team, say that their team is “hard working, kind, & committed!” Personally it’s amazing to hear that all the teammates believe in each other. Coach Chillers also has a coaching philosophy just as coach Plank, does but his is a little bit shorter: “Have Fun & Work Hard.”  Simple but memorable. With their coach and amazing girls there’s nothing stopping the 8th grade girls basketball team from winning the championships this year.

Both 8th Grade and 7th Grade are undefeated so lets hope that we win the Championships. GO LADY INDIANS!!!

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